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    Carlos Baraza
    I write software and other philosophical stuff.

Role: Senior Full Stack Engineer.

Length: ~6 months.

JavaScript, Meteor, .NET, C#. is the UK's leading venue marketplace. Our business model is similar to Airbnb, with the difference that we advertise venues, instead of apartments.

  • Lead Engineer and line manager in an Agile team of 5 engineers, closely working with two product managers and one QA Specialist.
  • 300+ commits in a back office application used to manage our bookings and our customer base. The web application is built using Meteor (Node), Blaze and React.
  • Developed the referral, rewards and promo schemas; and integrated them with all our systems. These features brought more than 150 enquiries.
  • Developed multiple features for, and (admin section for venue managers). Both built using ASP.NET and Angular.JS.
  • As a full stack engineer I have done a lot of dev ops: set up automated builds for multiple projects in Team City, migrated entire production to a more stable provider, set up new deployment scripts, configured DNSs, configured servers, configured cron jobs, improved email deliverability migrating to Amazon SES (between other changes).
  • Developed a venue proposal application using React + Meteor. A salesman would select venues from our data base and prepare an interactive proposal for the customer. The customer would interact with sales through the proposal application, providing feedback until finally she books a venues with us.
  • Contributed to creating a very united team of engineers. We have all become good friends, meeting out of office hours for events, meetups, dinner, arcades, etc.
  • Improved the engineering process: reconfigured Jira for an improved workflow and better reports, facilitated systematic standups, grooming sessions, planning, retrospectives and realistic sprints. These changes boosted team performance and most importantly, team happiness; because at the end of the sprints, we felt that we had accomplished the goals we had for the sprint.