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Loonshots: Book notes

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    Carlos Baraza
    I write software and other philosophical stuff.

These are some of my notes on this interesting book, with interesting ideas on how to create a flourishing innovation driven organisation.

  • Nurture innovation separating soldiers and research
    • Nokia failed to develop the iPhone because it was refused by management
    • Big organisations become risk averse and employees have low stakes. They become soldiers and franchise operators.
    • Startup employees have high stakes and win big. Innovators and risk taking.
    • Radar was proposed to Navy multiple times before WWII, and they refused funding
  • Have a context structure with multiple stakeholders that could give the idea a shot
    • Kepler discovery of solar system happened in China but there was a single studio in town, the empire rulers. In Europe there were many small states willing to give scientific revolution a try.
  • Leaders could think they are holy heroes and hold the keys to the research lab, not letting some ideas flourish
    • Polaroid didn’t research digital cameras