Senior Full Stack Engineer

London, UK
[email protected]


As a passionate Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience, I commit to bringing technical knowledge and success to every project and organisation I work with.

I love web development in its entirety. I use modern but stable technologies, and I keep my knowledge updated.

  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • React, NextJS, Vue, Gatsby and Node.js
  • HTML5 & friends, UX/UI design, Adobe Suite
  • TDD, BDD, Jest and Mocha
  • Devops: Docker, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Serverless, Firebase, Heroku, DigitalOcean
  • Databases: SQL (Postgres, SQL Server). NoSQL (Mongo, DynamoDB). GraphQL
  • Ruby, Python, Golang and WebAssembly
  • Machine Learning: TensorFlow, Keras, scikit, R
  • Agile principles and good professional soft skills



Senior Software Engineer. London, 01/2020 to present

TypeScript, React, Node, Kubernetes, SQL Server

  • Built web monitoring and management tool for an important financial process (side hustle)

Lead engineer. 10/2019 to present. Pre-seed startup (4 employees).

Development of web application. Setup of entire tech stack, including everything from the actual web application code to email provider setup. (side hustle)

Startup founder, 04/2019 to 12/2019.

Wisertag - Side Hustle
Validate soon. Sell more.

DAZN (Perform)

Senior Software Engineer / DevOps / SRE. London, 04/2018 to 10/2019

React, Node, Golang, TypeScript, AWS (many services), Serverless (Lambda)

  • Built multiple applications (React, Node, Next, GraphQL, Apollo). Hosted on AWS (ECS, CloudFront, DynamoDB, Lambda, ALB, DocumentDB).
  • Built multiple static code analysers that parse every single GitHub commit using Node streams. They detect code that fails our security and standard policies. It automatically raises tickets to solve the problem.
  • Set up and maintained multiple AWS accounts (VPC and EC2/ECS cluster config, CI/CD (Drone), Security Groups, IAM and others)
  • Built Golang CLI tool used daily by all of our engineers
  • Built NPM registry and NPMJS clone
DAZN (2 years)
Full Stack Engineer (Contract). React, Node, AWS, Docker, Serverless.

HomeAway / VRBO (Expedia)

Senior Software Engineer. London, 11/2016 to 03/2018

React, Webpack, Redux, Node, Docker, AWS, SEO/SEM, SSR, A/B Testing, high traffic, i18n and l18n, AI/ML

  • Highly optimised and resilient server side rendered React/Node application for all HomeAway brands.
  • Implemented tens of A/B tests and built a Chrome extension to manage them
  • Interviewed many Software Engineering candidates
  • Tech lead and mentor in an Agile team
HomeAway / Expedia (2 years)
Senior Software Engineer. Web performance, React, Node, JavaScript, AWS, Docker

Hire Space

Senior Software Engineer. London, 03/2016 to 10/2016

React, Meteor, Webpack, Gulp, Node, C#, .NET, SEO, Devops, AWS, PaaS

  • Built a CRM tool with Meteor and React
  • Tech lead in a team of 6 Software Engineers
Senior Full Stack Engineer. JavaScript, Meteor, .NET, C#.

Kneip S.A.

Software Engineer. Luxembourg, 03/2014 to 03/2016

Ruby on Rails, Angular, JavaScript, Python, Django, financial services, Docker, devops.

Software Engineer. JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Python.

Open Source / Freelance

2011 to present

Designed the official logo for WebAssembly.
I won the official logo contest for WebAssembly.
  • Many projects like the following:
Learn business directly from business leaders | In Practise
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Freelance project. Angular, Node, Meteor. Web application, iOS app and Android app.
Quadruino (video)
Quadruino is an open source drone dreamed by some friends living together during our university years. It served as an experimentation ground for multiple control theory/automation/electronic tests.
AirFishBowl (video)
Web driven air fish robot. uControllers, Python, JavaScript.
Industrial Robot Arm Simulator (Video)
Matlab, Control theory, Robotics, Linear Algebra, UI, Industrial Robotics.


B.Eng. Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering
University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, 2009 to 2013

Web development
Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), Ireland, 2012 to 2013

Software Engineering (Lifelong learner)
1997 to present


  • English - Fluent. C1. First Certificate of Cambridge
  • French - Fluent. B2. DELF. University of Lorraine (Nancy, France)
  • Spanish - Native