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Stoic Journal: iOS and Android React Native app.

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    Carlos Baraza
    I write software and other philosophical stuff.
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Lately, and following a distressful situation, I discovered the stoic practices through some interesting books on the topic like "A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy" (really good book). I read other classics like Marco Aurelius and Seneca.

After all this knowledge absorption, it was time to put it into practice. I decided to start practicing some of these teachings by keeping a daily journal of my progress.

However, I found that there was no app that fit my specific needs, so I did what I do best, which is building a product. This time, I decided to build an iOS and Android app in maximum one week.

For this project, I chose React Native, as I already know web, JavaScript and React pretty well. The project was completed successfully and published to both app stores.

The entire codebase is open sourced and you can find it in at carlosbaraza/stoic-journal.

The app is actually being used!

Without any kind of promotion, I got some user to download the app. This is an interesting thing, given that I put zero effort in promoting the application, apart from publishing it to the marketplaces.

Android active users

Unexpected feedback

I never intended this project to be used by anyone but me, but I published it just in case other people would find it useful.

Feedback on Apple App Store

Feedback on Android Play Store

People are ruthless

This is the main take away from this altruistic experiment, some people will hammer you with negative feedback, even when you give them free things and time.

As an example, check out these two reviews:

Negative feedback happens

Apple App Store

Stoic Journal in the Apple App Store

Become a better version of yourself

  • Keep track of your moral and personal progress
  • Make Chrysippus proud
  • Daily questions
  • Secure journal, your data will never leave your phone
  • Learn about stoicism

Apple App store listing

Android Play Store

Stoic Journal - Daily ethical notes - Apps on Google Play

Dedicated landing page

Lessons learned

  • It is good to build quick and deliver fast.
  • Building things that you are interested in resonates better with the audience.
  • There will always be haters. It is important to be extra clear that this is an altruistic act to slightly deter them.
  • Free of charge still requires maintenance, which takes time and is not free.