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    Carlos Baraza
    I write software and other philosophical stuff.

To start, I would like to tell a brief story about the origin of this blog. This blog was originally created as a common project from really good friends. We were engineering students (that’s the origin of engineering term flux, which is both, a chemical used for soldering and the fluids flux). As we were living together in the same apartment, we called it fluxflat. We had always plenty of new ideas for multiple projects, and as a result we decided to create a blog together, in order to share some of those ideas.

My name is Carlos, and I am an Electronic Engineer, but really passionate about the WWW. Currently, I am working in Luxembourg at an IT company, creating services for the fund industry. We mainly develop web applications for different products. The web technology I am currently working on with is Ruby on Rails. For this reason, I would like to greet everyone in Ruby.

I will update this blog with cool web tricks, tutorials, and of course, with all my new projects.

Finally, I want to express that any technology lover is completely welcome to post here, especially my friends living in Austria and Germany.

Engineerly yours, Carlos.