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    Carlos Baraza
    I write software and other philosophical stuff.

Role: Software Engineer

Length: 2 years. 02/2014-02/2016

JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Python

Kneip is one of the fund data management leaders. Kneip has 300 employees. It provides software solutions and support for fund managers.

  • Developed features for AIFMD regulation in Fundlook. These features were sold for millions of euros to our clients.
  • Developed or maintained internal JavaScript (Node.JS, Express.JS and Angular.JS), Ruby on Rails and Django applications (e.g., and
  • Engineered and developed an internal monitoring tool with Node and Angular that will save the company days on looking for issues.
  • Developed Kneip's web browser extension (Google Chrome).
  • Designed and implemented JSON and SOAP REST APIs, asynchronous worker jobs, input data file handlers, CMS and multiple report generators.
  • Helped other team members with BDD practices, to ensure they were always followed. Continuous integration workflows. Mostly using Cucumber, RSpec and Mocha.
  • CI tweaks and improvements (e.g. developer tools to get a screenshot, HTML snapshot and logs of the failing scenarios/specs). This saved hours troubleshooting failures on the CI.
  • Dockerization of services/web applications, in order to reduce environment-related issues.
  • Ticket management with Jira. GITflow-based branching model
  • Managed deployments to staging environments.
  • Contributed to open source projects used in Kneip's software.
  • Applied UX design principles to deliver appealing web user interfaces. User experience was always the priority during the development.