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Request object in Rails 2.3.18

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    Carlos Baraza
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During the execution of an action in Rails we can access to all the parameter of the request via de request object. This object includes the following useful methods:

  • headers — Returns a hash containing the headers associated with the request.
  • body — Returns an StingIO with the body.
  • host — The hostname used for this request.
  • domain — The hostname without the first part (usually “www”).
  • format — The content type requested by the client.
  • method — The HTTP method used for the request.
  • get?, post?, put?, delete?, head? — Returns true if the HTTP method is get/post/put/delete/head.
  • port — The port number (integer) used for the request.
  • protocol — The protocol used for the request.
  • query_string — The query string part of the URL — everything after “?”.
  • remote_ip — The IP address of the client.
  • url — The entire URL used for the request.

I found pretty useful the headers method to get headers like this:


Also you can the raw body like follows: